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Pricing List

Motorhome Adventures Aberdeen provide our motorhome hire service all year round.

Below are our seasonal prices which include a full take of fuel and all amenities.

5 nights minimum and security deposit of £750 is taken incase of any damage and returned all going well and no damage.

If you wish to do a driving license check, you can do so HERE.

For more information on our prices, contact us today.

Summer Time:

June, July & August

£150 a night

Winter Time:

November, December, January, February

£100 a night


September & October

£130 a night

Spring Time:

£110 a night
£115 a night
£130 a night

Terms & Conditions

Please read thoroughly and email back to us once you have signed the document.

These are the Terms and Conditions which apply to the rental of Motorhomes from KG Electrical Design Limited, trading as Motorhome Adventures Aberdeen, a company registered in Scotland under number SC404871, whose registered address is 18 Lochinch Place, Cove Bay, Aberdeen (“the Company”) and where the Customer renting the Vehicle is a “Consumer” as defined in Clause 1 of these Terms and Conditions.